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Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities

Provides information on funding and technical assistance opportunities available from HUD, DOT, EPA, and USDA, as well as examples of how rural communities across the country have put these programs into action.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:technical assistance, resource guide, funding resource
Subtopic:housing & real estate, transportation, conservation & environment, agriculture & food systems, rural community issues & solutions, Land Use Planning & Housing, Issues & Opportunities, Community Building,
Tags:rural community, funding, technical assistance, housing, transportation, environmental quality, agriculture, farming

Smart Growth: Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities

EPA and the International City/County Management Association (2010): Focuses on smart growth strategies to meet three main goals: support the rural landscape by keeping working lands viable and conserving natural lands; help existing places thrive by taking care of investments and assets; and create great new places by building lively and enduring neighborhoods where people want to live.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:information source
Subtopic:economy, economic development, development & smart growth, collaboration & community engagement, community & capacity development, rural community issues & solutions, conservation & environment, agriculture & food systems, Business & Economy, Land Use Planning & Housing, Community Building, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:rural community, conservation, resilience, smarth growth, sustainable agriculture

Sonoran Institute

The Sonoran Institute is a not-for-profit 501 '3 organization that promotes community decisions that respect the land and people of the West. Sonoran's website includes information, contacts and examples to promote community-based strategies that preserve and protect the ecological integrity of protected lands and at the same time meet the economic aspirations of adjoining landowners and communities.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:organization, information source
Subtopic:community & capacity development, rural community issues & solutions, development & smart growth, planning, public lands, conservation & environment, environmental health & quality, Community Building, Land Use Planning & Housing, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:citizen planning, community engagement, conservation, environmental quality, sustainable development, agriculture