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American Planning Association: Policy Guides & Frameworks

The American Planning Association's (APA) policy guides represent the collective thinking of our members on positions of both principle and practice. They represent APA's official position on issues central to building communities of lasting value. Topics include: Climate Change, Energy, Hazard Mitigation, Sustainability, Housing, and more.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:information source
Subtopic:planning, aging & elderly, homeless, development & smart growth, heritage & historic preservation, housing & real estate, infrastructure & communications, land use & zoning, redevelopment & revitalization, community & public health, disaster preparedness & emergency response, health & health care, agriculture & food systems, transportation, Land Use Planning & Housing, Special Populations, Local Government & Services, Recreation & Health, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:aging, aging in place, planning, clean energy, climate change, environmental quality, food systems, energy efficiency, energy, waste management, housing, hazard mitigation, health, historic preservation, homelessness, redevelopment, security, smart growth, development, transportation, water

Jerry Metcalf Foundation (JMF)

The Jerry Metcalf Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that has been supporting progressive work in Montana with small grant awards for non-profit projects. Funding is provided for projects involving visual, performing, and literary arts, historical research and preservation, environmental research and conservation, and education and community health.

Resource Type:funding resource, organization
Subtopic:community & capacity development, philanthropy, rural community issues & solutions, urban issues & solutions, heritage & historic preservation, community & public health, health services, health & health care, arts & culture, conservation & environment, environmental health & quality, Issues & Opportunities, Recreation & Health, Local Government & Services, Land Use Planning & Housing, Community Building,
Tags:grants, funding, arts and culture, environmental quality, health, education, conservation, historic preservation

MDU Resources Group, Inc.

MDU Resources Group, Inc. provides individuals, groups, and communities funding via grants for projects involving health and human services, education, civic and community activities, culture and arts, and the environment.

Geography:Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming
Resource Type:funding resource, organization
Subtopic:collaboration & community engagement, organizational development & assistance, philanthropy, community & public health, education & schools, health & health care, arts & culture, conservation & environment, funding & financing, Issues & Opportunities, Recreation & Health, Local Government & Services, Community Building,
Tags:health, grants, funding, arts and culture, environmental quality, education, community engagement, community development

Steele-Reese Foundation

The Steele-Reese Foundation is a charitable trust committed to supporting rural communities and the nonprofit organizations that serve them in Idaho, Montana, and Appalachian Kentucky. The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations working in the areas of rural education; health; human/social services; the arts and humanities; and land, water, and wildlife conservation and historic preservation.

Geography:Idaho, Montana, Kentucky
Resource Type:funding resource, organization
Subtopic:rural community issues & solutions, health & health care, education & schools, social services & programs, health services, conservation & environment, environmental health & quality, funding & financing, Issues & Opportunities, Local Government & Services, Recreation & Health, Community Building,
Tags:education, health, social services, arts and culture, conservation, historic preservation, grants, funding, environmental quality