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Idaho Community Foundation: ICF Regional Competitive Grant

The mission of the Idaho Community Foundation is 'To Enrich the Quality of Life Throughout Idaho.' Grants are awarded through the Regional Grant Cycle for a wide range of organizations and for a wide range of projects consistent with that mission. Grant areas include: Arts and Culture, Conservation/Environment, Education, Emergency Services, Health, Libraries, Public Projects, Recreation, and Social Services.

Resource Type:funding resource, organization
Subtopic:funding & financing, arts & culture, organizational development & assistance, community & capacity development, collaboration & community engagement, philanthropy, rural community issues & solutions, urban issues & solutions, disaster preparedness & emergency response, environmental health & quality, Local Government & Services, Community Building, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:funding, grants, arts and culture, education, health, library, social capital, rural community, outdoor recreation, park, conservation, environmental quality

Montana Tourism and Business Development Grant Program

The Tourism Grant program awards funds to projects that strengthen Montana's economy through the development and enhancement of the state's tourism and recreation industry. Funds will be awarded to tourism and recreation projects that fall within the following general categories: arts / culture / heritage preservatio; visitor facility upgrades and construction niche product development.

Resource Type:funding resource
Subtopic:economic development, community & capacity development, funding & financing, recreation, tourism, arts & culture, Issues & Opportunities, Recreation & Health, Community Building, Business & Economy,
Tags:tourism, outdoor recreation, grants, funding, arts and culture, historic preservation, heritage tourism, economic development

Parks, Trails, and Health Workbook: A Tool for Planners, Parks & Recreation Professionals, and Health Practitioners

The Parks, Trails, and Health Workbooks, produced by the Center of Disease Control and the National Park Service, is quick guide for incorporating public health considerations in the development and improvement of a park or trail. This tool can help start collaborative discussions about the health benefits of parks and trails and prepare for a health impact assessment.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:planning guide
Subtopic:active transportation & recreation, health & health care, recreation, planning, transportation, collaboration & community engagement, Recreation & Health, Land Use Planning & Housing, Issues & Opportunities, Community Building,
Tags:health, planning, trail, park, outdoor recreation