Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions Roundtable recording from October 6th, 2022. Click to view on YouTube.

Keynote and solutions stories speakers

Below you will find the presentations for each speaker linked to their name, this link will take you to a file share webpage to view or download the presentation. You will also find the timestamp for each speakers presentation in the video above. You may also view this video on YouTube here.

Keynote Address with Deb Brown, Co-Founder and Principals of Save Your Town. Save Your Town helps small towns implement practical steps you can put into action right away. The Idea Friendly Method used in most of their work will be the basis of one of the breakout sessions during the roundtable. Keynote begins at 16:27

Solutions Stories

Paige Olsen Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation, Silver Valley, Idaho - Community-initiated school-based career technical education with a tie-in to mining businesses in the valley. Begins at 48:05

Davey Madison, Montana Cooperative Development Center - "Cooperatives create local solutions by local people" Using cooperatives to tackle community workforce issues. Begins at 57:56

Cyndy Radovich, Sweet Zola, Boise, ID - How small businesses can employ people with disabilities. Begins at 1:08

Amy Murphy, Western Wyoming Community College - "Valuing Education & Industry Partnerships" Power line technology program. Begins at 1:16

Sean Claffey, Southwest Montana Sagebrush Partnership - "Youth Employment Program, Dillon, MT" hands-on training in conservation work. Begins at 1:23

Jade Stellmon, WSU School of Medicine - "Family Medicine Residency Program- Pullman, WA." Begins at 1:31

Troy Reichert, Guernsey, Wyoming - "The Sunrise Wyoming Project" Skilled Trades Summer Camp. Begins at 1:39

Reflection and event wrap-up begins at 1:46

Workforce Resource Guide

Find local, state, and national resources for workforce development and solutions. You'll also find summaries of the solutions stories from the roundtable event.

Small towns and rural communities across Wyoming, Idaho and Montana wrestle with workforce issues. And what a complex basket of issues filling jobs that keep our communities ticking and thriving can be! Finding and retaining qualified workers, affordable housing for employees, access to childcare, aging populations, language barriers, broadband access, employment obstacles for disabled and disadvantaged residents, seasonal employment, and other challenges can be especially acute in rural areas.

Small towns and rural communities across Wyoming, Idaho and Montana wrestle with workforce issues. And what a complex basket of issues it is to fill jobs that keep our communities ticking and thriving! Workforce challenges that can be especially acute in rural areas include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Finding and retaining qualified workers 
  • Affordable housing for employees
  • Access to childcare
  • Aging populations
  • Language barriers
  • Broadband access for remote workers
  • Employment obstacles for disabled and disadvantaged residents
  • Seasonal employment

The litany of issues can seem daunting, but there are also plenty of practical solutions that small towns and rural communities across our three states and beyond are using to tackle their workforce needs. The Workforce Solutions Roundtable will take a decidedly solutions-oriented approach, focusing on what we know communities can do because they are doing it!

This half-day virtual roundtable combines keynote presentations, solutions stories from your peers in rural communities, and small-group discussions. You’ll leave with new ideas that you can adapt, connections with other people who are building stronger, more vital economies in communities like yours, and resources for implementing solutions—plus a healthy dose of inspiration and hope.