Housing Solutions

This page will continue to have information added as we analyze participant data and continue to add resources. Please find the downloadable guides, roundtable recording and presentation slides below.

If you are interested in engaging with roundtable participants in your region, please contact Marci Miller (marcimiller@uidaho.edu) to be connected.

Housing Resources Guide & Housing Basics Guide - Free to Download

Recording of the Housing Solutions Roundtable 1.13.22

Find the Roundtable Recording on YouTube HERE

Keynote and Solutions Speaker Start Times: Click on each presenter name for the presentation slides


JENN LOPEZ with intro by Lorie Higgins begins: 16:45 

Jenn’s Q/A: 46:23 

BART COCHRAN with intro by Erik Kingston begins: 51:54 

Bart’s Q/A: 1:17:40


Michelle introducing solutions speakers: 1:26:36 

Robin Adams: 1:27:13 

Michele Groenevelt: 1:33:30 

Mike Scholl: 1:41:49 

Julie Stiteler: 1:52:06 

Jed Nebel  : 2:04:49 

Missy White: 2:09:51 

Macy Miller: 2:17:00 

Additional resources shared in the chat files click here (this is a living document that we will continue to add resources to)