Peer Learning Network


Resources and meeting updates from the Western Community Assessment Network (WeCAN) Peer Learning Network for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in partnership with University of Idaho, Idaho Rural Partnership, Montana Economic Developers Association, Wyoming Business Council, University of Wyoming and Montana State University

Limited Time Special Discount

Harbinger Consultancy is making a special offer to WeCAN’s Peer Learning Network participants for their Scenarios Planning course that starts next week.  The regular course registration fee is $245, and they are offering it to our three state group at a 60% discount, $98. Be sure to use the special WeCAN discount code WECANXSP. This is good for the JUNE session only, not the fall session.

Exploratory Scenarios Planning for Community Collaboration, Adaptation and Action

Three 1 1/2 hour sessions, June 9-23, 2021 (1:30-3:00 MT). Take scenarios planning out of the corporate boardroom as a way to engage community members and stakeholders on complex and pressing issues like “over-tourism,” rapid growth and development, the effects of climate change, economic change and volatility, inequity, housing affordability and technological change. Learn to use Exploratory Scenarios Planning to help your community deal with uncertainty by envisioning and considering a range of possible futures and creating an adaptive approach that responds to foreseen and unforeseen changes as they happen. Click here for more info and to register.

State PLN Teams

Each state has their own page for state specific information. Here you will find notes for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and state specific resources & plans.

Upcoming State Meetings - contact state facilitators for access

Idaho - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10am Pacific/11am Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Workforce development and support, including housing, training and childcare. Childcare is the topic on tap for the July and August sessions.

Montana - 4th Friday of the month at 9:30am Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Part II of a mastermind on community identity and branding

Wyoming - 1st Wednesday of the month at 4pm Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Leadership. Participants will find a resource (YouTube vid- eo, Ted Talk, etc.) that addresses leadership and share with the group.