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Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) is a politically objective supplier of trusted and statistically sound baseline, contextual, and trend information used to shape transportation policy, investments, and research across the U.S. and abroad. One is able to access both national and state transportation-related statistcal data through BTS.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:data source
Subtopic:transportation, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:data & analysis, transportation data, information, statistics

U.S. Census Bureau: The American Community Survey

The American Community Survey (ACS) collects and provides data every year to help communities plan investments and services. It provides general demographic data, information about how people commute to work, general education levels, and more.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:data source, information source
Subtopic:employment & workforce, assessment & evaluation, data & analysis, socio-economic & other data, housing & real estate, planning, transportation, Business & Economy, Data Collection & Analysis, Land Use Planning & Housing, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:census, assessment, data & analysis, data collection, statistics, socio-economic data, financing, education, economic data, planning, transportation, transportation data, demographics

The National Association of Counties

This site includes multiple resources including help finding grants, podcasts, webinars, reports and publications, educational resources, and county data.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:data source, information source, resource guide, organization, educational resource
Subtopic:local government, arts & culture, community & capacity development, economic development, funding & financing, health & health care, planning, Local Government & Services, Issues & Opportunities, Community Building, Business & Economy, Recreation & Health, Land Use Planning & Housing,
Tags:local government, housing, education, infrastructure, agriculture, art, arts and culture, transportation, community development, economic development, data & analysis, financing, health care, planning