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U.S. Economic Development Administration

As the only federal government agency focused exclusively on economic development, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) plays a critical role in facilitating regional economic development efforts in communities across the nation.

Guided by the basic principle that sustainable economic development should be locally-driven, EDA works directly with communities and regions to help them build the capacity for economic development based on local business conditions and needs. EDA’s grant investments in planning, technical assistance, and infrastructure construction are designed to leverage existing regional assets to support the implementation of economic development strategies that make it easier for businesses to start and grow.

EDA’s flexible programs and structure enable nimble operations and allow for innovation and responsiveness to changing economic needs and conditions faced by its local and state government partners. Grants made under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets to support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.

EDA provides economic development financial assistance to communities so they can encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that works best for them. Through its network of regionally-based staff and portfolio of flexible grant tools, EDA helps communities experiencing economic distress, take control of their future and position themselves for economic prosperity and resiliency.

In addition, EDA leads the integration of economic development resources from all sources, including federal, state, local and philanthropic, to achieve better outcomes for communities across America.

Geography:United States, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho
Resource Type:funding resource, technical assistance, Economic Development
Subtopic:economic development, employment & workforce, business assistance,
Tags: infrastructure, economic development, planning, funding
Telephone:(406) 599-9795

Housing Information Referral Center

Idaho Housing’s Housing Information Referral Center (HIRC) exists to answer your housing questions. HIRC staff offer important information and referrals to housing consumers, providers, and advocates. Idaho Housing also works with statewide coalitions and local communities to better understand the role of affordable and workforce housing in sustainable community and economic development. Our goal is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities as they work toward housing that provides access, stability, and resilience at all levels.

Resource Type:information source, nonprofit, data source, organization, technical assistance
Subtopic:housing & real estate, planning,
Tags:• housing finance, planning, housing information, homelessness, fair housing, multifamily

The Main Street Guide

From the Main Street Guide from Village Well "Main streets are the thriving heart of the local economy, influencing the economic, cultural, social and environmental fabric of the surrounding area. They are places where people live, work and play; however in recent years, many main streets have been in decline as the rise of online shopping, increased dependence on cars, and big regional shopping centres have dominated the retail scene.

Today, the old-fashioned pattern of local villages serving their communities is in vogue again. Local villages are seen as the key to supporting a healthier, more walkable and sustainable lifestyle, better connected local communities and greater opportunity for local economic development.

It’s becoming more widely recognised that our streets are valuable community assets. Creating a great main street requires a return to human-scale elements (textural building materials, sounds, wafts of delicious food, window shopping, trees, smaller sized retail spaces, park benches), and putting people back as the focus. It requires deep community participation, forward thinking design activities, food, beauty and embedding local identity.

This simple Guide provides 10 key steps to create a great main street and demonstrates that main streets are more than just conduits for traffic and commerce; they are the stages upon which public life is to be celebrated. Enjoy!"

Geography:Idaho, Wyoming, Montana
Resource Type:advocacy, information source, process guide, planning guide, educational resource
Subtopic:place making & destination development, community & capacity development, redevelopment & revitalization,
Tags:creating placemaking, creative place making, assessment tool, information