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Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc.

The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc. is a non-profit private foundation established by Blue Cross of Idaho. This foundation provides money for planning and projects that encourage active living (e.g. biking).

Resource Type:information source, organization, funding resource
Subtopic:collaboration & community engagement, rural community issues & solutions, development & smart growth, infrastructure & communications, health & health care, active transportation & recreation, environmental health & quality, Community Building, Land Use Planning & Housing, Recreation & Health, Issues & Opportunities,
Tags:active transportation, active living, health, health care, bicycle-friendly community, planning, transportation, funding

Platte River Trails Trust

The Platte River Trails Trust is a citizen-led non-profit organization. The Platte River Trails Trust seeks to develop a river pathway while preserving the scenic, natural and historic value of the North Platte River. The Platte River Trails Trust works with community partners to develop a network of trails that enhances our community`s economic vitality and quality of life.

Resource Type:information source
Subtopic:trails, active transportation & recreation, recreation, Recreation & Health,
Tags:trail, walking, conservation, planning, active transportation, pedestrian, pedestrian master plan

Safe Routes to School in Small Rural Communities: Challenges and Strategies to Accessing Funding

This is a brief brief produced by the National Center for Safe Routes to School and written by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership provides an overview of challenges and strategies to implementing Safe Routes to School in small rural communities. It describes state outreach, technical assistance, and partnership approaches that support rural communities and highlights two communities that have successfully used federal funds to improve safety and accessibility for walking and bicycling.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:information source
Subtopic:education & schools, transportation, rural community issues & solutions, Local Government & Services, Issues & Opportunities, Community Building,
Tags:transportation, transportation planning, infrastructure, school, funding, rural community, technical assistance, active transportation, bicycle transportation