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Givens Pursley Law Firm: The Law of Planning, Zoning, and Property Rights in Idaho

Givens Pursley Law Firm in Boise has published Land Use Handbook: The Law of Planning, Zoning, and Property Rights in Idaho, and other handbooks of interest to Idaho communities. This explains comprehensive plans and related requirements. The handbook is free to download online.

Resource Type:information source, consultant or business
Subtopic:land use & zoning, planning, Land Use Planning & Housing,
Tags:planning, local government, planning commission

Health Impact Assessment

The Centers for Disease Control Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool that can help communities, decision makers, and practitioners make choices that improve public health through community design. HIA is a process that helps evaluate the potential health effects of a plan, project, or policy before it is built or implemented. HIA brings potential positive and negative public health impacts and considerations to the decision-making process for plans, projects, and policies that fall outside traditional public health arenas, such as transportation and land use. An HIA provides practical recommendations to increase positive health effects and minimize negative health effects. HIA toolkits are available for transportation projects as well as parks and trails.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:planning guide, assessment tool or guide
Subtopic:active transportation & recreation, health & health care, recreation, planning, transportation, assessment & evaluation, Recreation & Health, Land Use Planning & Housing, Issues & Opportunities, Data Collection & Analysis,
Tags:health, planning, trail, park, outdoor recreation