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Resources and meeting updates from the Western Community Assessment Network (WeCAN) Peer Learning Network for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in partnership with University of Idaho, Idaho Rural Partnership, Montana Economic Developers Association, Wyoming Business Council, University of Wyoming and Montana State University

Join us for a virtual Housing Solutions Roundtable, hosted by the WeCAN Peer Learning Network, a forum for community leaders from Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to learn from each other. Ensuring quality housing that is affordable for everyone is a topic that’s high on most rural communities' priority lists. When housing came up on our peer learning agenda, we realized how much community leaders can help each other with these challenges. So we’re opening up the conversation to people from across our three states.

Just like in our peer learning network, this isn’t a bunch of experts telling us about our problems or how to access specific programs and resources. The Roundtable is about us learning from each other’s successes, failures, and ideas. You’ll walk away with:

• Inspiration, ideas and information to implement practical housing solutions

• A list of contacts in communities like yours that you can follow up with afterward

• A chance to talk through your questions, ideas and experiences with small groups of your peers

• A basic housing resource toolkit focused on our three states

We are especially focused on communities smaller than about 10,000 population. Anyone with an interest in housing is welcome to join. It’s free! Registration will open on December 7th

EDA Announces $750M in Tourism Funding from the American Rescue Plan

Through the Travel, Tourism & Outdoor Recreation program, EDA is focused on accelerating the recovery of communities that rely on the travel, tourism and outdoor recreation sectors. $750 million of EDA’s American Rescue Plan funds are allocated to support the following efforts:

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State Tourism Grants: $510 million in non-competitive awards to help states quickly invest in marketing, infrastructure, workforce and other projects to rejuvenate safe leisure, business and international travel.

Competitive Grants: $240 million to help communities that have been hardest hit by challenges facing the travel, tourism and outdoor recreation sectors to invest in infrastructure, workforce or other projects to support the recovery of the industry and economic resilience of the community in the future.

State PLN Teams

Each state has their own page for state specific information. Here you will find notes for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and state specific resources & plans.

Upcoming State Meetings - contact state facilitators for access

Idaho - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10am Pacific/11am Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Buy Local Campaigns and supporting locally owned businesses

Montana - 4th Friday of the month at 9:30am Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Finance and Funding - how to find the funding you need for your community

Wyoming - 1st Wednesday of the month at 4pm Mountain - Upcoming Topic: Housing